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Our physical therapists help people regain movement and function and get back to the activities they enjoy without pain.  Here is what just of few of our patients are saying:

I am a runner of 41 years and have experienced a frustrating knee issue for the last 4-5 years that has kept me from running like before. There is discomfort when I run and because of that, I can’t relax for fear of making my knee worse. My knee pain was not caused by running but rather an unrelated injury. I have worked with John Fiore, my PT, for many years but the newest thing we are trying seems to be helping. He had an orthotic built for me using his AMFit 3D digital scanner to read the shape of my foot. Because of the technology, it is much more accurate than the old way of measuring for orthotics. The scan was electronically sent to Vancouver, WA where an orthotic was created for me. The orthotic was built to properly align my leg so I am not putting undue stress on my knee. It is softer and much more comfortable than previous ones. I have used them in my shoes numerous times and finally feel encouraged that there is actually something that can help my running.

    Tommi Burton – Winter 2020

I’m a cyclist with knee pain. My doctor prescribed pt because I wasn’t interested in pain medication. Sapphire was very easy to schedule around my work schedule specifically Anya Gue willing to meet me at 7am in the dark. She worked quickly, knew her stuff, and I never had a single doubt as to her expertise. She answered my questions, returned my emails within 24 hours, and even laughed at my stupid jokes. I would recommend Sapphire, and Anya Gue, to anyone.

    Melissa C, Winter 2014

I can’t say how happy I am with the continued improvement of my shoulder. I am back doing the thing I enjoy the most, swimming. I continue to improve and John has been so very instrumental in that improvement and the healing process. Thank you for all your support.

    Mark C, Winter 2014

I always have a great experience at Sapphire, and have been helped tremendously, not only by alleviating the condition for which I was being treated, but also with help and advice on ways to avoid injury and pain as I take part in the activities of my daily life. Thanks!

    Anonymous, Winter 2014

I was completely satisfied with my experience with Sapphire Physical Therapy. I have continued with the exercises Anya provided and have had no pain or new injuries. Anya was great to work with and Sarah was always friendly and welcoming upon arrival. I would highly recommend Sapphire Physical Therapy to anyone in need of such services. Thank you for helping me continue running!

    Anonymous, Winter 2014

Very satisfied with my treatment here. I will be seeing Sapphire (Jesse) for all my future PT needs.

    Chris C, Winter 2014

I’ve been a client with Sapphire PT on and off now for over 16 years. I’ve really appreciated the personal attention and creative approach of the Sapphire team as they’ve helped me get better, stronger and able to return to my favorite activities including mountain biking and skiing and yes, work.

Thank you Sapphire PT for all of your help!!

    John R, Winter 2014

Rachel at Sapphire PT is amazing! Such a healer. I have been to a handful of physical therapists over the years and have felt consistently taken advantage of. She explains everything she is doing, is attentive, patient, listens (well!) and expresses genuine care and compassion for her clients. She uses her intuition, and does what she thinks will be best for the client – as opposed to her wallet. I’m very grateful for her care, and am relatively pain-free after four years of chronic shoulder and arm pain. Whole-heartedly recommend her.

    Vannah K, Summer 2013

Prior to therapy I experienced urinary leakage requiring the use of panty liners.  I also suffered from painful intercourse.  I believed it was just part of aging.  Two months of therapy eliminated both issues beyond my expectations.  Truly grateful for these results, and recommend to anyone having the same problems!

    Anonymous, Fall 2012

I’m so proud of myself.  I can’t believe after all these years of having incontinence (and being told that its normal if you’ve had children) that I no longer leak.  Thank you Rachael!

    Anonymous, Winter 2012

Sapphire helped me gain strength and knowledge about my carpal tunnel. They also helped me fully recover so that I didn’t have to consider surgery. Thanks John and Dusty!

    Rose C, Spring 2012

After years of poor posture, poor workout practices and a poor work station, my neck and upper back were in very poor shape. I didn’t realize weakness could hurt so much! You guys peeled away the layers to get to the root of my problem. I changed my work station and changed my workout habits – it took a very long time – real change takes small, consistent steps over a period of time. I am a lot better now and can now recognize what may cause future pain (stress and lack of exercise). I now can make myself better by knowing how to work out. I am sleeping much better, too. Middle age doesn’t have to be painful but you can’t just sit still and wish to feel better. Thank you, John!!

    Kathy R, Spring 2012

After four major back surgeries, John and his staff worked really hard to get me functional again. I am now running, hiking, biking, and lifting weights. After trying other places in town, I can really say that the care I received at Sapphire was the best!

    Ralph R., Spring 2012

My shoulder injury has gotten much better and less painful (as a result of therapy).  Jaclyn has been thorough and has a so very positive attitude.  It’s such a pleasure to receive treatment with Sapphire PT.

    J. Brey, Winter 2010

I have nothing but good to say about my experience with Sapphire.  I recently completed four weeks of physical therapy that resolved back and leg problems that I have had for the past two years.  I noticed the effect the first week.  My treatment was effective but not more than I needed -just right.

Jackie was friendly, knowledgeable and always asking my thoughts about the treatment.  I would recommend Sapphire to anyone who needs physical therapy in a friendly, professional environment.

    Chris S, Fall 2010

I began attending Sapphire Physical Therapy after a car accident left me with serious neck and back pain. The staff was so incredibly knowledgeable and understanding. And the best part was, they listened. I was able to explain my pain and discomfort and they created an excellent treatment plan of exercises and techniques that brought my pain level down and my strength and functioning back up. I greatly appreciate the time they took to teach me exercises so that I can maintain at home. I am incredibly grateful for the exceptional level of care I received at Sapphire Physical Therapy.

    Maia J., Summer 2010

You made me a believer in PT …I don’t wait around  hoping injuries will just go away. My treatment included exercises & techniques to prevent injury from re-occurring. You got me through three marathons and I’m shooting for #4 this July!!!

    Bridget J., Spring 2010, at the Big Sur Marathon

On my podiatrists recommendation, I went to Sapphire Physical Therapy after an accident that caused severe pain in my big toe.  I didn’t know what to expect on my first visit but the staff was kind and personable and made me feel immediately comfortable. The first visit was about fully identifying the cause of the pain and any not so obvious underlying conditions. They were extremely knowledgeable of the approaches to fix the problems. I started noticing a change and relief from pain starting from day one. Towards the end of my treatment, they even helped me find exercises to fix other problems that I had thought I just had to live with. Thanks to Sapphire Physical Therapy, I have a better understanding of how my body works and how to keep it working properly for an active lifestyle. I highly recommend Sapphire Physical Therapy to anyone!

    Diana B., Spring 2010

I’m doing things now that I haven’t been able to do in years and I’m learning ways to modify the same exercises to make them different.

    Carole T., Spring 2010

I sought out physical therapy when I finally couldn’t cross my arms over my head to pull off a sweater. Sadie reassured my I was not stoved-up for life and set in motion a multi-faceted program of healing, restoration, and strengthening at the clinic. I was also given materials and instructions for a home program that I have maintained ongoingly. Sadie also listens and observes, and makes adjustments accordingly to maximize effect with an eye towards patient maintaining therapeutic effect after release. I’m grateful for this approach to maximizing quality of life in a noninvasive fashion.

    Marie R., Winter 2009

In 1996 I had a ski accident, which involve impacting a tree at our local ski area. I crushed my knee cap and fractured my pelvis. Following a month in the hospital and 6 months in a wheel chair I began physical therapy with Sapphire Physical Therapy.

Immediately followed my accident the doctors told me that I would be lucky to walk again and would never again be able to ski. The staff at Sapphire were great. I affectionately refer to them as my “physical terrorists”. But they rolled out a program that incrementally advanced me in my recovery. In a little over a year was able to actually ski in the easy slopes and continued with my PT program for several more months.

Two years following my accident I skied my first full season logging 41 days. And since then have continued to follow the exercise program Sapphire provided me. I continue to ski to this day and have skied as many as 62 days a year. I’m also an avid mountain biker and hiking enthusiast.

The help I received from Sapphire Physical Therapy has invaluably contributed to my quality of life. I’m 57 years old today and look forward to skiing well in to my 70’s. I’ll always be grateful for the help I received from my favorite “physical terrorists”

    John R., Winter 2010