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2D Video Running Analysis


Injuries impact nearly 80% of all runners (Br J Sports Med 2007). While some runners rarely miss a training run or race due to injury, many experience a variety of injuries and/or recurrent injuries.  The key to effectively treating and preventing running injuries lies in effectively determining the cause of injury rather than treating the effect or symptoms alone.

The strongest predictors of of running injury include a prior history of running injury, running throughout the year without a break, and a rapid increase in running mileage of >10% per week (Br J Sports Med 2007).

Once compensatory movement patterns are addressed through a comprehensive physical therapy evaluation, underlying strength deficits can be effectively addressed.

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Running Evaluation Services

Option 1: 2D Video Running Analysis
$150 (1 hour)

  • 1 hour 2D high speed video running analysis.
  • Includes review of findings and printed report.
  • An excellent way to diagnose the cause of running-related injury or inefficiency.
  • Real-time video feedback to modify running biomechanics.

Option 2: 2D Video Running Analysis + Strength & Movement Evaluation
$200 (2 hours total over 1 or 2 sessions)

  • 1 hour 2D high speed video running analysis (as described in Option 1).
  • Includes comprehensive strength and movement evaluation.
  • Individualized functional strengthening program provided targeting the source of running injury and/or inefficiency.

Option 3: 2D Video Running Analysis + EMG Strength & Movement Evaluation
$250 (2.5 hours total over 1 or 2 sessions)

  • 1 hour 2D high speed video running analysis, strength and movement evaluation, and individualized functional strengthening program (as described in Option 2).
  • Includes real-time EMG (electromyography) to objectively measure muscle activity during specific exercises to reduce compensation.

Add additional follow up appointments to any package for $125.