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Custom Insoles and Orthotics

In some cases, strengthening alone is not enough to allow us to increase our activity level. Whether you are a runner, walking, hiker, backpacker, or just spend a great deal of time on your feet at work, adequate support in your shoes can greatly improve your tolerance and enjoyment of spring activities.

Prior foot or ankle injury history, lack of intrinsic strength, and a unique foot structure may warrant the use of an insole or orthotic to provide the support needed to stand and move comfortably with the foot in a more neutral position. Sapphire Physical Therapy has over the counter insoles and also makes custom insoles and orthotics with a 3-day turn around (see AmFit flyer on following page). We use an Amfit 3D Digitizer to scan your foot on-site for an accurate, custom fit. The days of hard, uncomfortable, poorly-fitting insoles and orthotics are gone. Find out more on our website (www.sapphirept.com) or call Sapphire PT to find out more about custom insole and orthotic options or to discuss a foot-ankle strengthening program to meet your 2019 fitness and running goals.

I am a runner of 41 years and have experienced a frustrating knee issue for the last 4-5 years that has kept me from running like before. There is discomfort when I run and because of that, I can’t relax for fear of making my knee worse. My knee pain was not caused by running but rather an unrelated injury. I have worked with John Fiore, my PT, for many years but the newest thing we are trying seems to be helping. He had an orthotic built for me using his AMFit 3D digital scanner to read the shape of my foot. Because of the technology, it is much more accurate than the old way of measuring for orthotics. The scan was electronically sent to Vancouver, WA where an orthotic was created for me. The orthotic was built to properly align my leg so I am not putting undue stress on my knee. It is softer and much more comfortable than previous ones. I have used them in my shoes numerous times and finally feel encouraged that there is actually something that can help my running.

    Tommi Burton – Winter 2020