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Work Related Physical Therapy


Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)
Functional capacity evaluations performed using the Matheson System of FCE Testing  provide a complete profile of workers’ physical abilities. Detailed, written reports with test results, easily readable test summary, recommendations and job match sections assist with planning for return to work.

Physical Therapy Services for the Injured Worker
We offer full, outpatient physical therapy services including pre and post operative physical therapy and treatment of overuse, neck, back, or extremity injuries. Comprehensive, individualized treatment plans including manual therapy and exercise address the injured worker’s needs to aid in recovery from injury and help expedite return to work.

Jesse-Hand-Grip-2Work Conditioning and Work Hardening services
Physical conditioning programs based on worker abilities and job analyses job analysis to simulate specific job or industry related tasks with a controlled progression to help improve physical tolerances, promote smooth transition back to work and reduce the risk of reinjury.

Worker Safety and Injury Prevention
Safety training including instruction in body mechanics, safe lifting techniques and work-site ergonomics. We are also available to do on-site safety meeting presentations regarding injury prevention specifically for your business.