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Neck & Back Rehabilitation

Picture of John Fiore, Physical Therapist in Missoula, helping with neck & back rehabilitationSpine injury rehabilitation
(aka Neck & Back Rehabilitation)

Neck & back pain are common symptoms in individuals of all ages and demographics. Neck & back pain is an ever-present risk for anyone, whether you participate in competitive sports, perform a job involving heavy manual labor or repetition, spend most of your day in a sedentary setting, or simply shovel your walk or rake your yard. The most important component of effectively treating back and neck pain is a comprehensive physical therapy evaluation. It is vital to rule out serious injury, followed by accurately assessing your spinal mobility and the contractile (muscles) and non-contractile (tendons and ligaments) tissue health. Treatments for neck & back rehabilitation include manual therapy to restore normal joint motion and mechanics, stretching and stabilization exercises, and core strengthening. Our physical therapists will provide you with the knowledge to keep your back and neck healthy and pain free once your physical therapy treatment has concluded. Don’t let back and neck pain keep you from doing the work, sports, and hobbies you are passionate about. Call or stop by to find out more about physical therapy for neck & back pain rehabilitation.