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Physical therapist Holly working with a client.


Fall 2019 Newsletter

Cervicogenic Headaches: A Pain in the Neck
Sara Boughner, DPT, CPH
Nearly half of the global population has suffered from headaches at some point in their lives. …

Summer 2019 Newsletter

Training with the 80/20 Principle
Sara Boughner, DPT
As summer days truly begin to get warmer and the snow is melting quickly from the mountains, it is …

Spring 2019 Newsletter

Decreasing Risk of Ankle Sprain
Jesse Dupre, DPT
The human foot and ankle are complicated structures comprised of numerous small bones, joints and ligaments. The foot and …



October Runner’s Edge Article

Read about off season training tips for runners and why gluteal exercises are not enough.

September Runner’s Edge Article

For September, John discusses how sitting can increase running injury risk.

July Runner’s Edge Article

Downhill running and training techniques are important. Find out some important tips for July.