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Physical therapist Holly working with a client.


Trapezius Muscle – December Newsletter

Muscle of the Month: Trapezius
Jesse Dupre, DPT
The trapezius is a large muscle spanning from the upper back and into the neck. It is a relatively …

Winter Safety Tips – November Newsletter

Winter Safety Tips to Reduce Falls and Injuries
John Fiore, PT
Winter weather has arrived in Montana along with endless winter recreational opportunities. Although skiing and snowboarding …

Bone Stress Injuries in Runners – October Newsletter

Bone Stress Injuries in Runners
Holly Warner, DPT
Sapphire PT just returned from a weekend course that focused on bone stress injuries in runners. The course defined …



October Runner’s Edge Article

Read about off season training tips for runners and why gluteal exercises are not enough.

September Runner’s Edge Article

For September, John discusses how sitting can increase running injury risk.

July Runner’s Edge Article

Downhill running and training techniques are important. Find out some important tips for July.