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Physical therapist Holly working with a client.


High Ankle Sprains – September Newsletter

The Bright Future of the Physical Therapy Profession
John Fiore, PT
September 8th was World Physical Therapist Day. The profession of physical therapy has grown and changed …

Patellofemoral Joint Pain – August Newsletter

Effectively Treating Patellofemoral Joint Pain
John Fiore, PT
Patellofemoral joint pain (PFJP) is familiar to individuals of all ages and activity levels. Named for the joint formed …

Ankle Sprains – July Newsletter

Ankle Sprain Basics
Guest article by: Doug Reeves, SPT
Many of us have experienced a “twisted”, “turned”, or “rolled” ankle at some point while participating in the …



October Runner’s Edge Article

Read about off season training tips for runners and why gluteal exercises are not enough.

September Runner’s Edge Article

For September, John discusses how sitting can increase running injury risk.

July Runner’s Edge Article

Downhill running and training techniques are important. Find out some important tips for July.