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December Newsletter

What better time to discuss the health insurance debacle than December? Jen, our practice manager discusses important factors to consider while choosing the health insurance plan that is right for you and your family. Do you know what “direct access” means? John talks about how physical therapists are trained to screen for underlying systemic illness […]

November Newsletter

In This Issue: November 15th – Sapphire Physical Therapy’s Presentation at Runner’s Edge – By Holly Warner, DPT The Key To Proper Posture Lies in the Pelvis – By Kate Hughes, DPT The Windlass Mechanism and Foot Function – By John Fiore, PT Sapphire Physical Therapy staff would like to wish everyone a wonderful, healthy […]

October Newsletter

In this issue we discuss The Value of Physical Therapy in an Uncertain Healthcare Arena, and Importance of Home Exercise Programs During Physical Therapy. Happy Fall!

September Newsletter

In September’s Issue: “My Bucket List Bob Adventure” Guest Article By Loring Walawander Running Into Your 50s: Health & Fitness Fundamentals Considerations and Treatment Following Ankle Sprains

August Newsletter

In This Issue: – Eccentric Versus Heavy Slow Resistance Training in the Treatment of Tendinopathy – Uphill Running Technique and Training for Efficiency and Success

July Newsletter

In the July Newsletter read about: – The Importance of Training with Load (Kate Hughes, DPT) – Downhill Running – Form & Training Techniques (John Fiore, PT) – Rachael Says Farewell to Sapphire Physical Therapy (Rachael Herynk, DPT) We wish everyone a successful race this weekend at the Missoula Marathon. Stay cool, hydrated and keep […]

June Newsletter

In June’s newsletter, Jesse Dupre, DPT explains the benefits of electromyography for muscular strengthening, Kate Hughes, DPT explains Active Release Technology and find out from John Fiore, PT if running increases your osteoarthritis risk.

May Newsletter

Sapphire Physical Therapy is having an Open House! Come visit our location at 1705 Bow Street on Wednesday, May 31st from 6:00 – 8:00 pm. Join us for snacks, beverages, and an opportunity to check out our 2D video running gait analysis and electromyography biofeedback system. Rachael Herynk, DPT, our women’s health specialist, will also […]

April Newsletter

In this issue we talk about Understanding Tissue Healing for Effective Injury Treatment, Spring Trail Etiquette Tips, and The Female Athene Triad. Have a wonderful day!

March Newsletter

In this issue we talk about the Women’s Running Clinic, The Role of the Psoas in Low Back and Leg Pain, and the Muscle of the Month is the Tibialis Posterior!