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December Newsletter

Sapphire Physical Therapy reflects on 2016 in our November Newsletter. Also learn how you can help us give back to those in need this holiday season by donating to The Holiday Sock Drive at Sapphire Physical Therapy.

November Newsletter

In November’s newsletter read about: -Ankle and Lower Leg Changes with Age (Implications for running efficiency and injury prevention) -Evidence on Foam Rolling -Why The Iliotibial Band Gets Blamed for Lateral Leg & Knee Pain in Runners The staff at Sapphire Physical Therapy wishes everyone a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving Holiday!

October Newsletter

For October Rachael writes about protecting your body during the fall season, Allie explains Proprioception for ankle sprain rehabilitation and John tells us about strength training for 99% of runners.

September Newsletter

In September’s Issue: Eccentric Strengthening to Improve Flexibility – By Holly Warner, DPT Complete Rehab for Ankle Sprains – By Jesse Dupre, DPT Living with Chronic Pain: Research Supports a different treatment approach – By John Fiore, PT We hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather! Happy Fall!

August Newsletter

In this issue Rachael discusses pelvic floor dysfunction in Olympic Athletes, Allie tells an Achilles Tendinopathy success story, and John explains why rest may be best post run! We hope you’re having a great Summer!

July Newsletter

For July the topics include: Getting the Most out of Physical Therapy: A Customer’s Experience, an inside look at our new 2D Video Running Analysis, Preventing Running Injury Recurrence and a recipe for Huckleberry Dutch Pancakes!

Real-Time Video Running Analysis Comes to Sapphire Physical Therapy

Sapphire Physical Therapy is now providing real-time 2D running gait analysis in Missoula. SPT is the first physical therapy clinic in the northwest to offer the on-site 2D running analysis using the Simi Aktisys 2D system developed in Germany. Give us a call to set up your analysis today!

June Newsletter

Are you having pain while running? Read about the role of 2D video running analysis in determining the cause of running injuries. The 2D Video Running Gait Analysis is new to Sapphire Physical Therapy this month! John also discusses lateral knee pain in runners and strengthening/lengthening specific muscles to increase running efficiency. Are you planning […]

May Newsletter

High Speed 2-Dimensional Running Gait Analysis comes to Sapphire Physical Therapy! Also read about Incontinence in female athletes and the role physical therapy plays as well as how to prevent Plantar Fasciitis.

April Newsletter

In April’s Issue: -Physical Therapy Improves Outcomes of Pelvic Surgery -Iliotibial Band Pain in Runners: Is inflammation the cause or a symptom? -Trail Running Races Sponsored by Sapphire Physical Therapy Happy Spring!