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December Newsletter

Why is strengthening your quadriceps before and after knee surgery important for optimal recovery? Did you know that an estimated 25% of females in the United States have pelvic floor dysfunction? Find out more about these topics in this months newsletter.

November Newsletter

Ski season is quickly approaching. What are you doing to prepare? Read some tips for conditioning in this months newsletter. Also included: Fitness and Aging: Are they mutually exclusive? and the Muscle of the Month: Flexor Hallicus Longus (It does what?)

October Newsletter

Delicious snacks, pain-free cycling, and the under appreciated tibialis posterior are the hot topics of this months newsletter. So find a nice spot out in this warm October sunshine to relax and read.

August Newsletter

Does PT stand for pain and torture? What is dry needling and how will it benefit me? What’s a good snack to take with me on my next long hike, bike, or trail run? Find the answers to these questions and more in this months newsletter!

July Newsletter

Thank you Missoula for voting John Fiore Best Physical Therapist in this year’s Best of Missoula! As summer officially sets in, with hot temperatures and smoky days in the Missoula valley, take some time away to cool off and read some summer tips from the physical therapists here at Sapphire.

June Newsletter

Exciting news in this months newsletter! We have welcomed another PT to Sapphire, Anya Wechsler. Get to know her a little in this months newsletter. Also included are tips on when you should allow yourself to take a rest day and unlocking the body’s healing potential.

May Newsletter

How well have you been taking care of your core? How strong are your balance and agility? What would motivate someone to ride their bike 125-miles? Find the answers to all these questions and more in this months newsletter.

April Newsletter

Did you know the force of each foot contact moment is 1.5 to 3.0 times your body weight when running or that preoperative physical therapy can help a patient reach recovery milestones faster? Find out more information on these topics and more in this months newsletter.

March Newsletter

Is your running gait hurting or helping you? Take a look at what techniques can help to improve your running efficiency to reduce fatigue and injury risk. Also learn about some unique issues that only female athletes face. Hopefully this information can get you well on your way to enjoying a season participating in a […]

February Newsletter

As spring approaches most of us will find ourselves outside enjoying the sunshine and increasing our level of activity. Unfortunately that activity can bring some possible risks. Find out what these risks are and what to watch for in this months newsletter.