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December Newsletter

Did you know that Montana has the third highest on the job injury rate in the country? Work related injuries happen all the time. Find out how to prevent injury and what you can do if you get injured on the job in this months newsletter.

November Newsletter

As winter is quickly approaching, read some tips about reducing injury on the snow and ice, as well as reducing injury during winter sport training.

October Newsletter

October is National Physical Therapy Month! Take a look at an article based on the the 2013 theme “Fit After Fifty,” as well as some more reading on the Patellafemoral Pain Syndrome and learn about a great resource to educate yourself on the Affordable Care Act.

September Newsletter

It’s officially Fall! Start the season out right learning about why it’s key to treat hip pain early, as well as exploring more about dry needling techniques and uses.

August Newsletter

Find out about the importance of the transverse abdominis muscle and its relevance in treating low back pain, and learn why choosing Sapphire Physical Therapy can make your entire health care experience less stressful in the face of recent healthcare changes.

July Newsletter

Check out this month’s newsletter for an in depth discussion of running injuries, hip strengthening, and hydration. As always, please contact us if you have a topic you would like to see discussed!

June Newsletter

Registered for one of the many upcoming running races in Missoula? Check out this month’s newsletter for info about IT band syndrome, post race recover, and other outdoor events in the area. Rachael also provides information regarding how PT can help during pregnancy and post-partum.

May SPT Newsletter

Don’t know about RATPOD? Have questions about chronic pain? Don’t know what to do or who to see after you crash on your mountain bike? Then this month’s newsletter is just for you!

April Newsletter

We are proud to announce that we now offer Dry Needling to complement traditional physical therapy treatments. Want to know more? Check out our April newsletter!

March Newsletter

Learn about functional strength training, incontinence, and returning to work after an injury in the March edition of our monthly newsletter.