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Physical therapist Holly working with a client.


March Newsletter

In this issue we talk about the Women’s Running Clinic, The Role of the Psoas in Low Back and Leg Pain, and the Muscle …

February Newsletter

In this issue:
Women’s Running Clinic comes to Missoula
Muscle of the month: Longus Colli
Ski injuries and knee injuries in Females
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January 2017 Newsletter

In this issue:
New Year and Out of Pocket Costs: How Sapphire PT can help
Keeping your Balance on Snow and Ice
How to Make 2017 an …



March Runner’s Edge Article

In the March Runner’s Edge article take a look at three exercises to reduce Spring running injury risks:
Foot and lower leg weakness
Hip weakness
Iliotibial band and …

October Runner’s Edge Article

Read about strength training benefits for 99% of runners, written by John Fiore, PT. We hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful fall colors around …

September Runner’s Edge Article

The Role of the Hips in Effectively Preventing and Treating Running Injuries – By John Fiore, PT